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LSD in general

LakeSideDevelopment ag (LSD) is an investment enterprise known for developments of high-end housing. From urban planning to project development, customer support, project design, financing and execution monitoring, LSD is responsible for the whole process up to the completion of the real estate. All aspects from urban planning, sustainable constructions, interior design and energy efficiency as well as materialization and ecology lighting are considered and ensures the excellence in the developments of LSD.


LSD Team

The founder owner of LakeSideDevelopment ag, Ivana Putincanin, MSc Arch. ETH, leads the complete performance chain, from development to building completions, bearing the whole responsibility on urban design and architecture. In accordance with the task, requirements and objectives, qualified specialists in the areas of urban development, architecture, building technology, multimedia, ecology etc are individually selected for each project. The interdisciplinary composition of the LSD team and the sensuous, distinctive signature of Ivana Putincanin ensures highest quality in architecture.


LSD Lead

Ivana Putincanin (formerly known as Calovic), Swiss-born entrepreneur is the Gesamtkunswerk architect and artist, graduated from world famous school of ETH Zürich as MSc in Architecture. Her portfolio is consisted of more than 70 projects in different fields and categories. Development projects, residential and commercial buildings, culture, education & sports projects, ecology & patents form the framework of her reference list. Nevertheless, teaching/tutoring at ETH (1990-2000) as well as political engagement (1994-2018) makes the significant part of her expertise. As a remarkable, strong-minded but friendly personality, objective oriented and perfectionist, Ivana is rather demanding, yet efficient professional for everyone who is open-minded and inclined to the innovation, for her ability to create unconventional by conventional means. She develops her own business in architecture since 1990. Recently, her mostly intuition-driven creation brought her (back) to an intense painting of portraits that will be presented in an art events caravan across Europe, called IC Yourselfie, starting and concluding in Montenegro.